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PowerButton Charger - Designed for Hearing Aid Batteries

PowerButton Charger - Designed for Hearing Aid Batteries

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Meet the PowerButton Charger - which helps you save $120 a year on battery replacements. Designed to be easy to use and compatible with multiple battery sizes, simply plug it into a power source and let it do the rest. This compact charger can recharge one or two batteries in sizes 10, 13, 312, and 675 quickly and efficiently.

 Include four(4) rechargeable 312 batteries
✓ Suitable for 10, 13, 312, and 675 rechargeable batteries
Easy to take with you wherever you go
✓ Fast 4-hour full charge
✓ FREE shipping

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Save more than $120 a year

The PowerButton Charger can help you save money by eliminating the need to purchase disposable batteries. With the PowerButton Charger, you can recharge your hearing aid batteries over and over again, saving you money in the long run.

Suitable for all hearing aid battery sizes

The PowerButton Charger is designed to be compatible with all types and sizes of hearing aid batteries, so you don't have to worry about finding the right charger for your specific battery size.

Fast charging

The PowerButton Charger is designed to charge your batteries quickly, so you don't have to wait long for your batteries to be fully charged.

Fresh batteries every day

The PowerButton Charger comes with a battery level indicator, so you can always know when your batteries need to be recharged. This means you can start each day with fresh batteries, ensuring that your hearing aids work at their best.

Convenient to carry

The PowerButton Charger is small and easy to carry, making it a convenient solution for anyone who needs to charge their hearing aid batteries on the go.

Environmentally friendly

By using rechargeable batteries, the PowerButton Charger helps reduce waste and is more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries.


  • PowerButton Charger * 1
  • Charging Cable * 1
  • User Manual * 1
  • 312 Rechargeable Batteries * 4

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
john a.
Use only four 312 batteries

"This is a very handy charger that allows me to use only 2 sets of rechargeable batteries to power my hearing aids. The charger itself uses a usb plug for its power, so any computer or power brick that you have can serve as the main power source for the charger. When the charger is plugged in it will charge the 2 hearing aid batteries at the same time. Separate status lights provide individual statuses regarding each of the hearing aid batteries.

My hearing aids use 312 type batteries, which can reportedly be charged 1000 times each. Using throw away batteries I get about 3 days use. Whereas my rechargeables will on average last me 1 full day; occasionally if the environment is really working the hearing aids the batteries will give out an hour or so earlier. I just put the depleted batteries in the charger and drop the spare pair in.

The charger is ""smart"", as there is a position on the charger that can detect the battery level, so you can easily know whether the power of each battery is less than 20% or greater than 80%. This is a very convenient feature for me.

This PowerButton Charger saves me from having to keep a whole bunch of disposable batteries and saves me about $80 over the year. I highly recommend it.

Gerald K.
A helpful tool for hearing aid users

"My wife bought a set of Kirkland hearing aids a couple of years ago, and her set came with a charger. I just bought the latest set of Kirkland hearing aids and they do not come with one. I prefer to use rechargeable batteries, like she does. Before I bought my aids, I researched the web to see if anyone had a separate charger available for hearing aid batteries, and voila! The PowerButton Charger fits the bill.
Is it inexpensive? No. The charger plus four rechargeable batteries cost me only $60. Keeps the zinc air batteries out of the landfill (not that I would toss them, but if on a trip would have to keep them and take home for recycling).
Obviously, I can buy a boatload of ""disposable"" batteries at Costco for what I paid for this powerbutton charger , but I went this route for my convenience. I highly recommend this charger."

Definitely a good idea

What a fantastic idea this. I will never run out of batteries again and will be freed from the need to find recycling points. Battery life is approx 1 day for my devices (which stream phone calls and music) whereas I get almost a week from disposables. However, I find I prefer that as I just change them every morning. Life changing and will pay for itself financially over time.

Phyllis G.
Nice charger

Delivery was fast. The charger and batteries are working perfectly.

Catherine t.G.
Brand New

Don't have to spend money on batteries anymore. A mudt for anyone who uses hearing aids, charge as you sleep.